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Scented Car Diffuser

Scented Car Diffuser


Scented Car Diffuser



Our car diffusers are zero waste - they are refillable and environmentally friendly!


Each works like a classic reed diffuser - the wood absorbs fragrance oils from the glass bottle and diffuses fragrance throughout your car. 


These are the perfect aromatherapy for your car, camper, office or closet. 


Each comes pre-filled with .20oz {6ml} and will provide lasting fragrance for 30-45 days. 




Instructions for use:


Unscrew the wooden lid and remove the plastic stopper.
Screw wooden lid back on securely.
Tip bottle for only one or two seconds to allow the fragrance to lightly wet the wooden lid.

Replace the stopper after tipping to ensure no spilling occurs!
Hang from your rear view mirror or in small room/closet area. 

Re-tip to refresh fragrance and replace the stopper — we do not suggest re-tipping until the fragrance currently on the lid is fully dry to prevent leaking.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.


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